Bitcoin’s rise and fall and rise and…

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I recently read this hilarious article on how to write blog posts about Bitcoin using a template that will work regardless of Bitcoin’s current price, so I decided to give it a try…





Today, the price of Bitcoin has bounced back from yet another drop. Most experts attribute the drop to news circulating around about South Korea (and other countries) looking to ban all cryptocurrency exchanges, while some skeptics are singing the classic “I told you so” tune.


Tom Lee, one of Bitcoin’s bullish forecasters, seems to think we’ve seen a major low of $9,000, and is predicting $25,000 by the end of this year, which would actually make now a perfect time to buy more cryptocurrency.


Also dropping and rebounding in the crypto market these past few days is virtually every other cryptocurrency, including Ethereum, Ripple’s RPX, and Litecoin, which also saw all-time highs this past year.


The driving factor behind the frantic fluctuations does seem to be talks of South Korea wanting to ban all cryptocurrency exchanges.



When News Breaks Regarding a Ban on Bitcoin



We should expect to see price fluctuations to intensify when news breaks about counties looking to regulate Bitcoin, or if we hear about someone like Mark Cuban, who once spoke against it, now looking to accept it, or even when a company like Kodak is mentioned for its seemingly forward thinking executives, who now want it on the action.


Only time will tell what this means for Kodak and other random companies who had nothing to do with the cryptocurrency revolution whatsoever, but decide to put out press releases mentioning “blockchain technology”. As for the rest of us, I guess we’re all just stuck in the middle of this crazy rollercoaster of a ride. But I for one always liked rollercoasters!





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