Bitcoin Exchanges and Other News

Posted on: April 30th, 2015 by jms No Comments

There are Bitcoin exchanges opening up around the world as Sweden’s Nasdaq Exchange Approves Bitcoin-based ETN and Coinbase, the United States (US) based startup, opens up a US based exchange. This is yet another step forward for Bitcoin that will help solidify it’s hold on the market and it’s place in our lives.


In spite of the overall decline in Bitcoin’s value over the past year, Bitcoin innovators and venture capital investors refuse to slow down. In more recent news, Goldman Sachs teamed up with IDG Capital Partners to invest $50 million in the start up Circle Internet Financial, which aims to improve consumer payments through Bitcoin technology. Goldman Sachs will be the first major bank investing in Bitcoin, and being a leader in predicting emerging markets, this is not an investment in Bitcoin that should be taken lightly. Granted, Bitcoin is a vastly different type of investment than typical foreign emerging markets, but that should not understate the fact that Goldman Sachs is not likely to choose a loser in the market as part of their investment strategy.


Bitcoin still has yet to reach mainstream adoption in the retail marketplace, but all of the news regarding innovations in Bitcoin and ongoing venture capital investments in Bitcoin should serve as a sign for it’s future success.